Dear Friend,

The day Vioxx was recalled, my phone was ringing off the hook and everyone had the same question:

Dr Spreen, what are we supposed to do?

And guess what? I was ready for them! In fact, I was thrilled to introduce them to an amazing joint-health breakthrough that is literally changing lives for the better.

It’s called Ultimate JointFlex. It’s safe, natural and spectacularly effective. Take five minutes to read this report and see how it helps people like you nourish joints for a lifetime of active use!

My name is Dr. Allan Spreen
As a medical doctor, I’m extra cautious by nature. I won’t risk my health with potentially dangerous treatments, and I wouldn’t risk yours, either. 

I’ll bet when you visited your doctor about your stiff fingers or bad hip, you were told to take over-the counter remedies like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen or were showered with prescriptions for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like cox-2 inhibitors.
It appalls me that mainstream medicine seems absolutely content with masking symptoms rather than nourishing the foundation of your joint health.  Because while these NSAIDS may help alleviate joint and bone discomfort, they do nothing to promote and support your joint health. Nothing.
Which means your joints just continue to deteriorate.  And as we’ve seen with the Vioxx and Bextra recalls and the more recent Prexige recall in Australia, the side-effects of these drugs can be downright devastating!
But what really gets my goat is how medical professionals continue to turn a blind eye to the army of natural joint-health solutions that are shown to be safe in study after study – without any dangerous side-effects at all.
Even more amazing, many of these super-potent nutrients can do what the painkillers can’t…
They actually renew and rebuild your joints and cartilage… Right at the source!
That’s why I know, for a fact…
You can achieve complete joint health without drugs or surgery – at any age!

Meet the Chief Research Advisor for FSP Nutritionals
Nationally famed as “The Nutrition Physician,” Dr. Allan N. Spreen has dedicated his life to helping people live healthier, richer and more fulfilling lives.
After helping thousands of patients heal themselves naturally in his private medical practice, Dr. Spreen went on to help thousands of people live disease-free
through his cutting-edge nutritional research.
Today’s he’s so widely respected that: 
  • America’s DISCOVERY CHANNEL has retained him to serve as Advisor on Alternative Medicine
  • AMERICA ONLINE sought his expertise to develop an acclaimed natural health website
  • HEALTH SCIENCES INSTITUTE (HSI) has asked him to join their all-star Advisory Panel 
Dr. Spreen has also authored some of the most definitive consumer guides to nutritional medicine, including Nutritionally Incorrect – Why the Modern Diet is Dangerous & How to Defend Yourself and Smart Medicine for Healthier Living. 
A graduate of both the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Tennessee before obtaining his M.D. from East Tennessee State University, Dr. Spreen is also a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC). FSP Nutritionals is proud to have Dr. Spreen as Chief Research Advisor.
If you’re concerned about a sore back or neck... tender knees or hips... creaky wrists or knuckles... throbbing shoulders or elbows... or any joint discomfort at all... it’s time you learned about Ultimate JointFlex and the mountain of testimonials regarding the effectiveness and safety of its breakthrough 11-in-1 formulation. 
Time and time again, I’ve heard from people who have tried Ultimate JointFlex and were thrilled to find the answer to their prayers. 

Perhaps no one illustrates that better than Felicia Edwards and her golf-loving 87-year-old mother. Here’s Felicia’s account:
“Ultimate JointFlex is
“My 87-year-old mother
couldn’t visit us this summer due
to a painful hip. She had to walk
with a cane and give up her
beloved golf and gardening, and
she accepted it as ’part of
growing old’ with resignation. 
I sent her two bottles of Ultimate JointFlex.
And she just called to say that after 3 weeks, she
had put away the cane, and was back playing
Now the only problem is stopping her
from going to her doctors and throttling them
for not giving her something like this before.
Ultimate JointFlex is extraordinary!” 

Felicia is just one example. Her story of renewed health – and hope – is just like countless others I’ve heard, from people expressing genuine gratitude for this amazing drug-free joint-health breakthrough.  I included just a few of their remarkable stories in this Special Health Alert. But first, read on and learn all about the “extraordinary” compound called Ultimate JointFlex. Discover how it can help you live with flexible, mobile joints every day, so you can do the things you really want to do!

  Yes, I want to start living again!

“Your joints are worn out?” Don’t believe it!

Take it from me – sore, tired joints are not an “inevitable” part of ageing.
It’s true that natural ’wear and tear’ takes a toll on our joints and the cartilage that cushions them. Until recently, this gradual (but sometimes rapid) deterioration, and the accompanying stiffness, irritation and swelling, was accepted as a “fact of life” to be endured as we grow older. 

But now you can throw that thinking right out the window!
As a medical doctor and natural health researcher, I’ve seen firsthand how nutritional therapies can work wonders for thousands of people.  And I knew we had at our fingertips an arsenal of natural weapons that could help our customers keep their joints flexible and discomfort-free. 
That’s why I was pleased to see Fleet Street Nutritionals create one of the most effective, most cutting-edge natural alternatives for boosting joint health ever developed. One that could ensure soothing comfort to joints. Restore lost movement. And rebuild and nourish joint cartilage worn
down by decades of hard work and grinding contact.
The result is Ultimate JointFlex.  And I call it…
The “Perfect 11” for ultimate joint health!
You see, not only does Ultimate JointFlex speed help to your hurting bones and joints, it harnesses the repair power of  11 extraordinary joint-health warriors in one turbo charged formula!  

Ultimate JointFlex gives you a veritable army of inflammation fighters, cartilage re-builders, and bone protectors that: 
  • Speed blessed nourishment to creaky, cranky joints
  • Rebuild healthy, new joints from the inside out!
  • Boost flexibility, mobility, and endurance
  • And helps you regain the healthy active life you deserve... in your 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond!
And here’s another bonus…

Since Ultimate JointFlex’s multi-nutrient formula addresses joint health from all different angles, it can achieve remarkable results even in situations where other natural solutions may have fallen short! 
The evidence is in – Ultimate JointFlex works like gangbusters!
Just five Ultimate JointFlex capsules a day can make your joints feel decades younger – restoring mobility and flexibility. It begins with...
The amazing MSM
One of the most astonishing joint-repair warriors is an organic nutrient I call “nature’s perfect building block."
It’s called Methylsulfonyl methane – or MSM for short – and science has finally unlocked it’s powers, thanks to 19 long years of research by the award-winning scientist Dr. Stanley W. Jacob.
MSM is a naturally occurring source of bioactive sulphur.  Our bodies need sulphur for healthy connective tissue and joint function.  When we’re young, our MSM supply is abundant.  But as we get older, it decreases dramatically.  Collagen production slows to a crawl. Since collagen is the basic building block of cartilage, our joint cartilage starts to break down. And cells literally become hard and stiff. 
But restore your MSM supply, and miraculous things start to happen. Cell walls become flexible. The natural healing process in your cartilage is increased.  Your body’s natural joint-health boosters go back to work.  Before you know it, you feel healthier, younger, more agile, and more energetic.

  Yes, I want to start living again!

 Above all, MSM is literally as safe as water!
Thanks to MSM, thousands of men and women are enjoying active, pain-free lives. In fact, according to Dr. Ronald Lawrence, author of The Miracle of MSMThe Natural Solution for Pain, “People with arthritis report substantial and long lasting relief while supplementing MSM in their diet. MSM has also demonstrated a remarkable ability to reduce the incidence of, or entirely eliminate, muscle soreness, leg and back cramps."

According to Dr. James F. Balch, MSM helps detoxify the body on a cellular level; nourishes hair, skin, and nails; and promotes gastrointestinal health. 
Sound good so far? It gets even better.
Unlike NSAIDs and steroid treatments, users have actually reported that Ultimate JointFlex's joint-rejuvenating power actually increases with daily use.
Glucosamine HCL is a big reason why. 
Scientists refer to glucosamine as an essential “building block” for good joint health, since it’s a vital component for the repair and growth of new cartilage. 

Young, healthy joints usually produce their own supply of glucosamine. But as we age, production slows. Less glucosamine means less natural repair power for cartilage and joints – and you know only too well what happens next! 
Luckily for us, over time, glucosamine supplementation can stimulate cartilage and bone growth and actually help maintain joint structures – changes to these can cause painful symptoms. And I have many testimonials from others who agree!  

Combine glucosamine with MSM, and Ultimate JoinFlex already delivers amazing double-duty action for boosting joint health.  But it doesn’t stop there. Not by a long shot! 

  Yes, I want to start living again!
Pack a powerful punch against joint stiffness
and discomfort with Chrondroitin

Researchers found that chondroitin helps reduce pain, increase joint mobility and decrease the need for painkillers. It's no wonder when you think it's a vital part of cartilage, giving it elasticity. 
Other studies have found that taking chondroitin can prevent cartilage breaking down and can also stimulate its repair mechanisms. It also reduces the activity of enzymes and substances that break down collagen in joints, and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
This kind of joint-building power is exactly what you need to “jump start” healthy joint cartilage and bone!
Ginger Root – Stops inflammation  in its tracks!
It’s one of the all-time astonishing medicine herbs, prized for centuries by Chinese Traditional Medicine healers... to the ancient Ayurvedic doctors of India... and even the medical practitioners in ancient Greece.

But it was the Carribean Islanders who truly discovered its potent powers for reducing joint inflammation and tenderness  – while increasing circulation as well! 
Doctors throughout parts of Asia and Europe rely on Ginger to halt tenderness and inflammation in their patients with joint concerns.
Boswellia serrata – Derailing soreness before it begins!
Natural Ayurvedic healers in India have been using boswellia serrata for over 1,500 years – and it may be the most amazing herbal anti-inflammatory in all of nature. That’s because researchers have found that it successfully impedes the leukotriene cycle – which effectively stops inflammation before it can even start! 
According to one such researcher, Dr. James Braly, “The therapeutic actions of boswellia include reduction of joint swelling, restoration and improvement of blood supply to inflamed joints, increased mobility, amelioration of morning stiffness, steroidsparing effects and general improvement in the quality of life.”
Now, can you just imagine what boswellia may do for you?
EPA and DHA – Inflammation fighting power, times 2

Next, Ultimate JointFlex continues to go to work on inflammation with two more remarkable compounds: EPA and DHA
EPA and DHA are considered Omega-3 fatty acids, important nutrients that occur naturally in your body. But not only do Omega-3 fatty acids mask inflammation, they actually stop the autoimmune reactions that cause it.
Patients report less joint stiffness, swelling, and tenderness when taking Omega-3 supplements. As well as less long-term dependence on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Imagine feeling great without painkillers?  These two compounds can help make it possible.
Most people don’t get enough Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet, so Ultimate JointFlex helps fill in the gap. 
Vitamin C – To boost the health of  collagen and connective tissues…
Vitamin C is an important building block in the formation of cartilage, collagen and joint tissue. But it also has important preventive benefits as well. 
According to researcher Dr Deborah Symmons, “Vitamin C is a scavenger of free radicals, which are known to be produced in inflammatory conditions like arthritis.” These free radicals are found in the joint fluids of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and inflamed joints. Vitamin C can play an important role in preventing free radical damage.
Vitamin D – To support production of vital joint fluid
We all know that Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and teeth. But Vitamin D has also been shown to play an important role in the synthesis of synovial fluid – the fluid found in and around joints to keep them lubricated and flexible.
Just another reason to get out in the sun, soak up that Vitamin D providing sunlight... and nourish your joints with Ultimate JointFlex each and every day. 
Vitamin E for extra inflammation fighting punch
Not only is Vitamin E shown to be necessary for optimal immune function, it has also been known to be an effective natural anti-inflammatory when up against joint stiffness! Plus, recent research suggests Vitamin E’s powerful antioxidant properties may help prevent damage to joint tissue caused by heavy work and stress to the joints.
Derived from common red wine grapes, they are potent antioxidants that neutralise free radicals – produced in arthritic joints and which cause damage to them.

Ultimate JointFlex: Your “Perfect 11” for optimum joint health
Only Ultimate JointFlex packs the incredible power of 11 joint-health nutrients in the exact ratio and dosages I’ve found to be the most effective. Each includes the optimum dosage of important joint-protectors like MSMGlucosamine, and Chondroitin... as well as high-performance levels of Boswellia, EPA, DHA, and four additional nutrients.
Sure, you could take them all separately. But why waste your money on separate supplements that may do little or nothing when, for less cost, you can have one, effective formula that does it all?
Ultimate JointFlex is backed up by our Risk-Free 60-Day Guarantee – which gives you more than ample time to judge how well it works for you. Plus, it’s 100% natural and completely free of unwanted side-effects.
Which leads me to one very important, final question: 
Don’t you think you deserve to hold onto the healthy, active lifestyle you’ve always known?
Thanks to Ultimate JointFlex, you can!
Earlier in my practice, I met too many wonderful people whose vibrant lives were tragically transformed by the progressive problems associated with poor joint health.
Ultimate JointFlex – brimming with nutrients that fuel your active lifestyle!
Ultimate JointFlex’s exclusive 11-in-1 formula goes well beyond joint health to help you enjoy a more vibrant, healthy life!
  • MSM is a powerful metabolism booster that helps your body absorb nourishment and produce energy. It  also helps flush away toxins! 

  • EPA and DHA support cardiovascular health and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. 

  • Ginger Root has been used for centuries to aid digestion and strengthen the immune system to ward off cold symptoms.

  • Boswellia Serrata also helps maintain healthy respiratory and digestive systems, and relieve menstrual cramps.
  • Vitamins E is a powerful antioxidant that offers protection to increase heart health, vision and regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Vitamin C is an immune stimulant and antioxidant used to promote heart and circulatory health.

  •  Vitamin D is essential to the synthesis of joint-lubricating synovial fluid and strong healthy bones.

  • Proanthocyandins derived from common red wine grapes are potent antioxidants that neutralise free radicals.
It was heartbreaking to watch them cope with pain that seemed to get worse daily. But it was just as awful watching them give up the gardening or golfing they loved... lose their ability to take a simple walk or drive... forego pleasures like shopping and visiting friends... and ultimately surrender their independence altogether. 
No doubt you have similar memories of loved ones or acquaintances.
Of course, we can’t change the past, but we can take charge of our future. With what we know today about joint health, we can help make sure this doesn’t happen to us.
As we’ve so painfully seen, one can’t rely on drugs alone.  Drugs are expensive, have sometimes-devastating side-effects, and do nothing to address the foundation of joint health.
But Ultimate JointFlex provides an amazing army of joint-support warriors shown to relieve discomfort, build cartilage, and protect the health of your joints for years to come.
Whether it’s playing with your grandkids, fishing with your buddies, or travelling cross-country on a trip you’ve always dreamed of, Ultimate JointFlex will help you live the way you want to live..
So if you’ve just started feeling the effects of lifetime ’wear and tear’ on your joints, it’s crucial to begin replenishing them now before serious damage occurs. And if you’re already hampered by frequent joint discomfort, its not too late.  We think you’ll see real results that will help you “get back into the game” – and keep you there
Life’s active pleasures are endless. Ultimate JointFlex guarantees you’re never forced to watch them from the sidelines! 

  Yes, I want to start living again!

Let your creakiest joint be the judge!
I know that Ultimate JointFlex is helping my joints stay strong and flexible. And with my hectic non-stop lifestyle, that’s saying something!
I’m just as confident about what Ultimate JointFlex can do for you, too. That’s why I’m inviting you to use it daily for a full month without risking a cent. 
 If you’re not pleased with the results anytime – for any reason – just return the unused portion and we’ll issue a complete refund, no questions asked!
Receive this extra research report FREE
When you place your order for Ultimate JointFlex, you’ll also receive the valuable research report “Stronger Than Steroids: Nature’s Solutions for Beating Arthritis” – brimming with valuable health information.
Here, you’ll learn about the newly discovered causes of arthritis and the new generation of natural arthritis-busters that really, truly outperform the most powerful drugs – without side-effects.

This research report is yours to keep – FREE  – no matter what you decide. And here’s yet another good reason to try Ultimate JointFlex today…

  Yes, I want to start living again!


That’s right! Order within 15 days and your 6-month supply of Ultimate JointFlex is just R1349.95!

If you prefer, you can save over R449 on a 3-month supply. Or you can give Ultimate JointFlex a try with a 1-month supply for only R449.95.

Imagine…for only about  R7 a day – less than the price of a cup of coffee – you can nourish and protect your joints... and retain the active, healthy lifestyle you deserve!
Stronger Than Steroids:
Nature’s Solutions for
Beating Arthritis
I’m sure your doctor probably told you stiff, creaking joints are just due to “getting old.”  But nothing can be further from the truth!
In this Special Research Report, you’ll discover some other reasons why your joints could be failing you – reasons your doctor may not even be aware of. And you’ll learn about remarkable, all-natural solutions that ease discomfort, restore flexibility, and get your health back on track.  For example…
Could your bad joints be due to these ’hidden triggers’? What to do to solve the problem – fast. 
Discover the foods that could be making your arthritis worse! You must avoid these immediately!
Find out how simple dietary and lifestyle changes can help ward off arthritis. 
5 Simple exercises to help work the pain out of your joints. This Bonus Research Report is yours absolutely FREE with my thanks, just for giving Ultimate JointFlex a try. So what are you waiting for? 

  Yes, I want to start living again!

So why not put Ultimate JointFlex to the test?

Just mail us your risk-free trial certificate today and we’ll rush your supply of Ultimate JointFlex at these money-saving prices.
How soon will you see results? Some Ultimate JointFlex users have reported dramatic results in as little as a weekend. Others, a few weeks or a month. But the best results come when you make it part of your daily health regimen. 
When you stick with Ultimate JointFlex for the long run, you’re providing your joints with the nourishment they need to repair themselves and stay flexible and strong.  That’s why I recommend you start with a 6-month supply – but let me urge you to try at least a three-month supply. 
Remember, the effects are cumulative.  The longer you take Ultimate JointFlex, the better you can feel. 
Order today!
You’ll notice a gradual difference with each passing week, until finally it hits you... your joints feel more flexible, more mobile and that morning stiffness is gone!
Order your supply of Ultimate JointFlex today and take a big step toward a lifetime of mobility, flexibility, and independence. And remember, FSP Nutritionals guarantees your complete and total satisfaction... or you pay nothing!

Dr. Allan Spreen
FSP Nutritionals
P.S. SPECIAL SAVINGS! With this limited-time offer, you can save over R1349.95and receive a FREE BONUS REPORT! Remember, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

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